This is my opinion about the problem that happened during the election for a few days ago. Actually, this is the very shocked and it’s surprising all the parties whose involve in this election this time.         

        For your information also, there are so many incidents that have not been display in mass media.Whereabouts in Terengganu, I think it is the biggest incidents from the others that cause the authority to involve.       

        Detailly, from what I’ve knew about, these incidents happened in Kg Rusila. I’m not going to mention any parties that involve in these incidents but what we have to aware is the way of managing these problems by the authority itself.          

       This happened because the lack of the control from the police, specifically. All parties need to give hand to solve this problem effectively. This kind of incidents rarely happen but it is often happens during the leading of the election period.      

        The authority must take note every time during the every election that so that this problem would be secured from any immoral ills that could be happen in any place during the election.          

         The smoothness during the election is very important so that the other parties would strongly depend on the authority to cope the problems. We want the election happens in a peaceful and harmonious situation. As for it, many things should figure out and it has to be fixed certainly based on the past incidents.         

        As conclusion, the election is the big event for Malaysia, even to the other country in fact. Therefore, the reasonable action has to be taken to fix this thing as we want our country in an excellent administered. The best chosen of the leader is to show that we have the best people to lead our country towards our vision and mission (impossible, “=)’)That’s all for the commentary.

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