Che bersama Dayang ceria dengan akhbar Utusan ketika menunggu giliran untuk dipanggil

Che bersama Dayang ceria dengan akhbar Utusan ketika menunggu giliran untuk dipanggil

My practical has been commenced on 19th May 2008 at the one of the journalism sector in Malaysia that is Utusan Malaysia. The organization had given me a lot of chance to know the reality life of being as a journalist. The practical has been held for five weeks and I was placed at the ordinary desk at the office.

I was reported myself on that day at the Utusan Malaysia, located at the Chan Sow Lin. On that day, there wee no many reporters because it was a Wesak Day. There were some of the reporters doing their job at the desk, specialist in crime’s desk. On the day also, my friend and I was given the task to create story from the sources that press has release before.

During the practicality of five weeks in this sector, there were a lot of challenges and odds I have to face. Luckily, the lessons that I’ve studied in campus help me a lot.

I’m not been excused from the job that need me to work outside the office other than stayed in office doing the journalism work. But, most of my jobs were outside the office, meaning that I need to face people everyday. At the office, I would write the news that will be publicized in the newspaper. Therefore, I gained a lot of experiences on how to deal with the work in this sector.

As for information, I’ve been given the task that was outside of my expectation. As for my first assignment, my journalist senior and I need to go to investigate a case concerning about the murder at Lorong Haji Taib in Kuala Lumpur. I’m very lucky because I have the senior with me who had many experience in this field. But then, on my next assignment, I need to do it for myself. I’ve been given the task without any help from the senior. Although, I have no idea about Kuala Lumpur, I tried my best to finish my job on that day.  I need to be responsible for my job that had been trusted on me. I was really exciting about it. Besides, I would explore Kuala Lumpur and I should know it better. As for my expensive experience, it was a bit difficult to create a story and I need to improve more on that part. As I finishing my assignment, it will be sent to the boss. Then, the news will be sent over to the news desk through the system known as TERA.

This system functioned as to send the latest news to the editor to be checked. The person in charge on that day whose will be dealing with the news should be stayed in the office until his news released.

As for instance, there were a story that could be rejected by boss and that person or the reporter in charge should modify it again. There were number of time my report has been rejected but lastly, it was publicized successfully. Even my name or byline also came out in the newspaper for the article I wrote. I was very proud actually for that succeed. That was my daily routine when I was there.

            During my practical period, there were many unforgettable memories that I could never forget for my life. Among the memories that I could not forget was when I’m alone with all the assignment that had been pointed out on me, that was on my second day of practical period. On that day, I need to rush to make a report on the Launching of Vacation Package to Jakarta that has been organized by Mas Goldens Holiday. The event has been held at the Berneo Baruk Club, Jalan Kia Peng. I was lost in the middle of my way to the event as I do not really know about the place. I was alone and afraid in my way. On my way to look at the place, I’ve been chased by the psycho man. I was very afraid and nervous at that time. It was unexpected. I’ve been lost for about two hours in searching my destination. Even the taxi driver and the people around also do not know about the place.

I tried to find the solution with my own self before I took other alternative. After that, I tried to call my lecturer to confirm about the place. Who knows, maybe they will help me to solve this problem. Thank God, I managed to find this place at last. Moral of the story that I’ve got from this experience is to master the place before going out to make report. Otherwise, it will be very difficult to involve in this arena.

            In nutshell, during my practical period, there were many challenges that I need to face by my own self. Although I need to go through all these challenges, this sector is very interesting in my own eyes as it is my interest to be an excellent reporter. I also need the cooperation from my lecturers, senior and the members of reporters to give me some guidance in order to enhance my skill in creating story. I hope that I would do the best story to publicize in the newspaper.

            There was much information and formulas that I get during my practical at Utusan Malaysia. What I’ve got was, a reporter must be alerted with the issues that occurred all around us. That was before we are going out to make a report, we need to survey and make a research on the event or that issue. This is to avoid the reporters from been annoying with others concerning on that issue especially for the media conference and for the interviews session just after that. Significantly, it is easy for the reporters to make a very interesting story or news. Other than that, the communication skills also need to be improved more as it is easy to have two way communications with the people around us when we are on duty. Most of the event or media conference usually been held in English language so that, I need to strive my very hard to achieve this level. And this is one of the challenges that I need to approach with.

             Therefore, it is better to make a research first on the issue that need to be surveyed and communicate with society. This is the first preparation before we make a further surveying on the people. This is because the people nowadays aware of the issue occurred in our country.

As for my experience to that, on 4th June 2008, I’ve been out to make some report regarding the controversial issue that have been occurred in our country, that is  mechanisms of petrol subsidy.  The surveying has been making around Pudu Raya and Hentian Putra. Before went out, I had made some preparation on that related issue. This is to increase my confident in myself and I was succeeding in this process.

















2 responses to this post.

  1. che n maira bole jadi duta utusan jer. xyah jadi jounalist.

    Hehe che rasa nak juga jadi journaist, tapi duta utusan pun nak juga jika dipelawa..


  2. Posted by hafilez on July 18, 2008 at 6:01 am

    ur language seems improved recently…congrats!!!thought that u’ll be ‘someone’ in journalism industry, wish u a bright future ahead k che’ 🙂


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